Should I take him back?

Hello, I've got in a very difficult situation now.
So me and my now ex-boyfriend been dating for 2 years.
We broke up 3 times mainly of fighting, every time we broke up he changed for the better like now he tends to compromise more, spends more time with me, earlier he didn't want to spend as much time together (like only 2 times a week was enough for him)
Now we broke because of his depression, his depression was always an issue in our relationship but this time it got much worse than before and he started mentally drain me by his constant complaining and negativity, I always told him to seek for professional help but he always procrastinated it even beside he always promised to seek for professional help but it was just empty promises.
Now, after we broke up again, he finally started seeking professional help. And he starts doing something to become a better person only after we break up.
So should I take him back again?
Should I take him back?
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