Does she have a reason to be mad?

So my best friends and I are dating. She is a virgin and saw me first hand girlfriend hop and to a friends with benefits. I always liked her but she didn't really think of me. She is super smart and is pre med. I am 5 years older and not very good in studies.

When we were in the talking phase, I told her that I do not talk to any exes and hadn't seen any this year. She found out later that was a lie.
- I had seen one a month before and kissed
- Sexted one a week before
- Had a convo with one after we talked

I apologized so much and blocked them all for her. She told me she still likes me and is willing to work with me. But the fact that my exes are friends with my family and one is my parent's granddaughter makes her upset. But I blocked them ALL for her.

I can be a bit controlling as I do not like guys talking to her and have made her block two male friends.

But lately she has been feeling upset about the lie early on. And my exes being friends with my fam.
And causes fights cause of it. And is feeling anxiety cause we did oral & I wanted to go further but she wants to save her virginity for later. Also cause her parents were in life threatening situations this year. I really love her but the fighting is getting a lot. My female friends tell me she is crazy.

Shall I leave her?


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  • Simple

    • Meaning?

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    • Decision is urs... choice is urs
      Consequences is urs too

    • In my shoes what would you do? Just pretend.
      Like she brings up that lie A LOT and says harsh things when it becomes a big fight once or twice

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