Why do people assume that if you haven’t met your significant others parents or if you don’t want to meet them that you have bad intentions?

I mean sometimes it’s not even that you have bad intentions. You could mean well by your girlfriend/boyfriend you just don’t do well in situations like that. You might think you Might say or do the wrong thing so you steer clear. Doesn’t mean you care about them any less.
Some people have met their significant others parents and played them the entire relationship.


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  • yeah i get that shit all the time. fk that shit. my parents... especially out to embarrass me and shit. i ain't gonna mess with that. dont want to get a girl too close to the fam incase we break up as well

    doesn't mean i ain't serious. i will do it one day if i want to and the time as right.. not cos we got people judging us


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