Why does he want to talk to me?

Ok so me and this guy have been friends with benefits with feelings for 1 year and a month. So month ago, I decided I should not talk to him because I love him, but he says he still has feelings for his ex. He has confessed I am the best personality, humor, sex, kiss. He has told me I am everything someone could want and he needs to get over his ex. He wishes we could start over in a years time. I told him " I don't know where I will be in a year's time, that i could be with someone else or single. Who knows."

He has hurt me a lot over the time we knew each other. I don't have the heart to block him. I told him " If I knew someone really loved me, and I didn't feel the same, I would let that person go and let them end up with someone who can give them what you think I deserve." He is so confused and says he does not know what he wants. So I told him to stop talking to me completely and he keeps blocking and unblocking. Like it is hard for him to not talk to me. We are not having sex anymore for the past month and we reached a point I know its not about sex why he talks to me. We just have an insane chemistry, when we are around each other people think he is in love with me. But they just don't know.

His friends even confessed he told them in the past things like " I want to settle down with her, i just need to get over that bitch (his ex)", or, " I really miss her (me)" .
He also said he is afraid to lose me, that I would stop loving him and move on and end up forgetting him. He told me I am everything and that he wishes he was different and that things were different.

I always tell him to stop contacting me, but in the past couple weeks, he has shown up to my work once and at my apartment once. It messes me up inside and breaks my heart.

If he is so in love with his ex, thinks we should not talk so i could move on, then why does he keep speaking to me?
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Also lately, when i ask him why he doesn't want to answer the question. When I ask him if he loves me he doesn't want to answer. When I ask him why is it so hard to let me go, no answer. He avoids my questions which infuriates me.

I need help. I continued to talk to him cause I love him and it's too hard to not respond. I could go without contacting him first. But he keeps coming to me asking me personal questions. Getting jealous when i tell him i am out with friends and thinking i am on a d
Why does he want to talk to me?
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