Should I break up with him? I really need some other people's opinion?

so basically I've been in a relationship with this guy for 10 months now. and its going good. like he is the kind of guy that I've always wanted. i mean honestly its rare to find guy like him these days so yeah. he is not even toxic he is almost perfect.

But lately, I've been feeling bored or sth i mean idek if i am bored. We haven't met in about 4 months due to the pandemic. We just text i mean there's no other way to communicate and we call i guess occasionally. and he is a really huge overthinker. idek how to help him sometimes a few days back i was obsessing to him about how cute this celebrity is and he got annoyed and felt insecure in a way. and he has been fussing over little stuff and getting mad. and recently i dont even feel like talking i mean we talk and all yeah but it doesn't feel the same like no spark. and y'all know that commitment about how we all stay together forever and all. well that i ain't even sure of anymore. bc you never know what happens in the future right? and ik he is perfect but he won't be the only perfect guy i guess.

next thing is, i am finding other guys attractive now. and even my sister keeps messing with me about how hot my crushes are. and theyve hit me up recently but i never said anything bc i am in a relationship and i am loyal.

there's a lot of reasons about why i feel that way but i can't really write em all here. i feel like i am passing my time for now and there will be lot of people ill meet in the near future and maybe ill miss out things? maybe i just hate the idea of sticking with someone from now until forever. maybe i met my boyfriend way too soon. i wanna do sth before it way too late. and ik that if i had to end things with my boyfriend it will crush him. i still care about him well i guess love him too?
Should I break up with him? I really need some other people's opinion?
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