For all those who think MGTOW isn't justified, think MGTOW is made up of stupid uneducated men, MGTOW's are incel's, this video is for you. And?

Here in a nutshell is why marriage and soon to be relationships are a thing of the past in western countries like the US. Let a Doctor that is also MGTOW hand it to you straight. Comment your opinion if you like.


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  • No.
    This is just stupid. Because he is some doctor it somehow validates the ideology? No.

    So, MGTOW's only do short term relationships, or have no dealings with women at all. They also have little or no involvement with society. They also think that having children or any involved relationship with women ends their "freedom."
    So, kill the human race by not having kids because you want freedom?

    But according to the doctor, in his own words-
    "For any civilization to sustain itself. The basic, and most fundamental unit is the family unit. And, the family unit has been destroyed. And, when the family unit is destroyed, kids are born into dysfunctional families, and single mother households." (12:52)

    The whole thing is filled with contradictions. "Why would anyone want to get married?" (7:07) But then at (15:51) "The religion places utmost importance on family, and on parents, and talking care of the children." Which flies in the face of what MGTOW belief says.

    Then it is said "that Christianity is too weak to withhold feminism," (18:58). And, Christians said "that family is not necessary, it is a patriarical construct." (19:20). But, it doesn't happen in communites rooted in religious tradition "for example in U. S. A it's the Amish Community." (20:43) Contradicts in under 3 minutes.

    But, MGTOW's can't cohabitate with women so by their own belief system, they would destroy the most fundamental unit. So, either destroy the human race by not having children, or destroy civilization by not cohabitating.

    I really didn't need to listen to anymore. There isn't anything in this but contradictions, and showing how MGTOW can't possibly sustain itself other than becoming a community of hermits.

    • But it's not MGTOW that causing all those things, it's 100% feminism and the laws that feminism has lead to that's causing it. Feminism was started by Marxist in order to destroy men marriage family and relationships. That is the actual statement of the feminist goal no kidding look it up. It's not MGTOW, MGTOW is about men protecting them selves from the ill effects caused by feminist. And MGTOW men don't dislike children either, some may not like children but the same applies to women too and especially feminist. Most MGTOW men go MGTOW for the very reason their children got stolen from them and there isn't anything they can do about it.

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    • I meant to say wedding businesses IE setting supplies and wedding photography are all beginning to fold.

    • Nope. There are other factual based reasons for some of that. The rest is wishful thinking.

      Aside from that. Your initial statement is “... let the doctor hand it to you straight.” And he contradicts himself. Then you say “But it’s not MGTOW.”
      But then I draw from the actual MGTOW site.
      It is, or it’s not. Can’t have it both ways.

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  • Sorry, not watching a 53 minute interview. MGTOW for me is for men who don't want to get married and have kids just to make her happy. It is for men who want to live their lives for them, their time, money and who they spend it with is for them. They have no risk of losing everything they accomplished in life due to divorce or separation. I don't understand why some people assume men who are MGTOW are just social losers who can't get laid and cry and hide behind the MGTOW banner. They all aren't like that. If you can't see that then you are the one who is uneducated and just stereotyping.

    • So in other words you just admitted you don't want to get to the truth. You go right ahead and be all the fool you want to be and live in your fairy tail world until the reality involves you personally.

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    • No problem. It's an interview with a doctor who's also become MGTOW that lays it out how marriage is not only not for men but dangerous and hazardous to men. Not only marriages but relationships too. He points out that even if a relationship can be proven even without living with a female how the system is designed men stand to lose. To sum up, relationships and marriage are a bad deal for men.

    • Ok, I think we are on the same page here. I'm not against it. For some reason I thought you were calling MGTOWs losers.

  • Sorry. Smart or not. It’s a moronic movement.

    I am a male and never experienced anything like these whiners whinge about.

    It’s called self confidence, which these sad men lack. Sad sad little boys.

  • With a title like that it definitely shows how it isn't justified

  • They would rather have sex with microwaved bagels than try to talk to a girl

    • They sure would, and assuming you watched the video you know why that is.

  • Mgtow is a pretty cool option rather than marrying

    • Agreed. But you want to cautions relationships too. Watch the video if you have time, good video.

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