Why does he only care when pregnancy is involved?

My ex boyfriend and I don't really speak like we once have... and he used to not really reply to my messages or answer my calls. He even acted closed off and sent me away when I stopped by his house to visit in hopss of clearing the air between us and starting anew again.

It wasn't until a friend of mine messaged him one day and shared that I had a pregnancy concern... so he called me, back to back, and seemed concerned. He inquired about it, so I explained to him that I was concerned that I may be pregnant... and he insisted on taking me to the doctor that day. The next day he didn't reach out so I was concerned and I visited him the next day and he had an excuse as to why he couldn't take me. He then bought a pregnancy test for me afterwards.

Around Christmas last week... I sent him audio of what I believed to be a baby's heartbeat. I have gotten negative tests but I continue having symptoms. After he listened to it, he called me several times and we talked about it. He said if I'm not pregnant then something else could be wrong and he expressed that he was concerned.. although i don't feel anything else is wrong. I thought of calling him lately, but I can't help but feel discomforted at the idea that he only really seems to care when pregnancy is involved or if he's concerned about something. Any thoughts?
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Why does he only care when pregnancy is involved?
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