He Stood Me Up And Is Now Ghosting Me, Why?

I met him on fb a little over two weeks ago. We talked and fb video every day he told me he really liked me would like all my pics and comment all my post he even introduced me to his family as his girlfriend. I would get the good morning beautiful text and all that. He eventually said he wants me to be his woman, I said great but their are a few concerning things I want to discuss. He has pics of an ex on his fb the breakup has been 3 months ago. The pictures make me insecure and if he wants to be with me they need to come down. He would make every excuse and not take them down even after saying he would. Also he's very handsome he has lots of women who wants him and he would make post every day almost so they could respond and he'd have a reason to talk to them. We had issues with that as well. I'd ask him am I moving too fast and is this what you want he says yes and assures me he wants to see where things go with us. He normally made first contact also and at times even appeared a little jealous if I didn't respond when he called. But I was willing to work with him in that area. Last night he was suppose to come over and I have made it clear that I am not having sex with him anytime soon I want to know that he is in it for the right reasons. He agreed and we sat a time. That time came he didn't respond to my chat, my messages nor did he show up but he was active on fb. We have talked this whole time he understood I was looking for something serious and was not having sex with him so why even set the date up and do all of this if he had no intention on even coming or continuing to see me? What do you think possibly could of happened and will he ever try again? Has anyone ever been through this and he reached out I really would like an explanation.
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I found out he was seeing me and someone else and picked her. I went to his page and he made a post about finding someone that makes you lucky to have them with a bunch of hearts. But it's only been 3 days since we talked and he's already making post like that. He must of been talking to both of us for a while seeing who was a better fit. There is no way he just met her 3 days ago making post like that.
He Stood Me Up And Is Now Ghosting Me, Why?
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