Which action would garnish the most heartfelt response from you, the penning and mailing of a letter or the all too common emoji filled text or email?

Seems we're losing our flair and passion for
authentic expression and time investment in
literary form in exchange for the all too common and quick.

Keep in mind, emojis and instant responses
don't ease the feeling of loneliness nor
scratch that desired itch.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Definitely a letter. It's more old school and personal, because everyone texts all the time so there's nothing special about it


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  • Why do you look like a chick?

    • 6d

      Not sure if your words were meant to insight and insult me
      because what genetic structure
      I received from both my parents have absolutely nothing to do with the question

      Besides, my wife of now seven
      years has no issue with my appearance and my daughter
      loves her daddy... Real daddy, that is. 😁

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