Hot & Cold.. still acts jealous but flirts.. sign of attraction/feelings?

I have an older male friend that I’ve known for almost a decade. We became intimate for about 6 months in 2016. He’d take notice when others were nice to me but especially if it was people he knew.. his friend offered to give me a massage.. they had a “chat”.. another wanted to teach me something..: “oh he just wants to sleep with you”.. when he moved away one guy he knew tried to be friends with me online and his response was to ask who made first contact and oh the guy didn’t tell him.. a year later (2017).. that same friend of his.. I ran into him in a public place and he suggested the 3 of us hang out.. that never happened fortunately and my friend had a weird tone in his voice when I brought it up.
Whats confusing to me now is that we haven’t been “together” since he moved away in 2016.. I do care for him.. but the flirt makes me wonder if he’s got feelings still. The jealous/territorial has also been awkward since for as long as I’ve known him.. he’s always been the type to keep relationships with women casual. Last year I was sexually assaulted by a mutual acquaintance of ours and he got quiet when he realized I wasn’t kidding and all he said was “hope he learned his lesson”.. after I mentioned I called the police.
Long story short.. just wondering if the flirt is a sign of interest still on his part and if what I’ve heard is true that “once territorial, always territorial” is in fact true when it comes to men. I know women can be too.. just curious in this case about men


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  • Stay away from all of dem


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  • even if he has feelings it sounds like he's emotionally unavailable. so he's hiding them from himself... there's no hope trying to make them realize there may be an emotion there, for whatever reason he doesn't want it to be so he'll always ignore it even if it frustrates him


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