How to deal with a neighbor who is leeching off of me?

Of never seen anything like this before m and, yes, I’m partly to blame.

I loaned her money a couple of times so she could make rent.

Now she has family living with her and wants money all the time. I told her “no”, so now it’s become, “I didn’t do anything to you”; “I was always a good friend who paid you back”.

My thoughts are... okay so that was a favour, you paying me back as opposed to not paying me back?

Never mind the hardship it put me through. She’s been leeching my internet to the point where I can’t use it so I cut her family off and now they threaten me.

Im near calling the police. She stole my laptop I let her borrow and won’t give it back. I’ve never so much as asked her for a dime. I was happy to help her make rent rather than be evicted but she doesn’t understand that it isn’t reasonable to demand money for the weekend parting her family does. That’s not an emergency.


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  • Don't take the blame for it, you were kind. Get a male friend or family member near for security, female might work too. Kindly tell her to return your laptop, and if she doesn't call the police. Just make sure you have a receipt, cause she could lie and say it belongs to her. It is awesome to be kind, but some will prey on it, depends on how much you are willing to put up with. There are boundaries.

  • l would say you need to talk with the police regards this matter give her no more money she stole your computer call the police they will get your computer back for you and tell her to stay away from you

  • Just let her get evicted

    • 4d

      Yeah, that’s where it’s going and I’m done. I even told her one time that she could couch surf at mine if it came down to that.

      But no more.

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