When will guys come back after they have had space and time to think?

When your boyfriend is not breaking up with you. But he said that he needs time and space to think. Still he haven't ended the relationship, so you are basically still in a relationship. How long will it go before he comes back again? I mean much time and space does it take before guys come back? I'm trying to positive here. First of all he didn't break up. Second I don't think that he would be evil, and let me go and wait just to break up with me later on when he has had time and space. And he said that if friends ask about us, say that we are still together and everything is fine. I mean that is positive if you see it like that right?


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  • You’re not in a relationship you’re broken up. He’s full of shit. That’s a ploy some guys do to keep you hanging around like you are so he can drift in and out of your life using you as a backup plan when he gets horny and can’t find someone else


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