Was I a douche bag, yikes?

So a blast from the past I decided to be (re) friend him. My issue before was his insecurity and my issue now is his insecurity once again. Im starting to think he's retarded. I addressed him on being insecure and too much. he had the nerve to say ,"this is too much". I told him,"join the fucking club , its you." His response was "sheesh".. well get your fucking shit together dude five more years until you're forty and you're still quarreling. Sick of his issues and whimpy behavior.
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And the women who say I was an ass are doormats. tfoh


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  • didn't you technically just agree with him, you know technically told him "what he already knows" lol

    • No he was saying that I was being too much. truth is it's him.. no he doesn't know , he's damn near 40 doing the same shit

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    • Or throw them away, that is where garbage belongs after all, dont litter 😈

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  • No... you did it... but I would have spelled it out for him.. this is your insecurities, I can’t be around you because it annoys me. I’m sorry. Don’t shout or argue, but you need to make it known and then drop him... don’t re-friend anyone that hasn’t changed there ways... that’s asking for too much on your part

  • I have voted for other. I can't say anything by a small post. I need to hear views of both persons even if he's wrong. His insecurity can be understood but you have told him already that he should not. Anyway why would he feel insecure of you? He's just a friend. I am sure you must have given it a lot of thought before blocking him and you got the same behaviour after re friending him. You would be an ass if you didn't try to help him not to feel insecure but you helped him and he didn't change. It's not your fault.

    I am sorry I am answering your questions only right now. I like your questions😊


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