Should I feel regretful and guilty for denying a friendship after expressing feelings?

So, I've liked this girl and later developed strong feelings for her, I would say I am in love with and I do LOVE her. We met in World of Warcraft in 2016, we kind of just clicked. I got her number and we've texted and been on Discord for hours on end, we've played games together and planned to drink at the same time, dumb stuff like that.

I expressed my feelings towards her in 2016, she was kind of iffy about me visiting her and said she doesn't like me like that, I moved on. We stopped talking for a while about a year, during that time she dated someone locally, she messaged me back in Fall of 2018, we got in touch again, realized I still love her.

Last week, I just told her I can't do it, more I talk, more it just makes me sad that she doesn't see me more than a friend. I've even sent her gifts, ordered food, yes, I am an idiot blinded by love but I couldn't go on pretending I didn't want to be with her.

I kept getting anxious, and just waiting for my heart to break to find out she's dating someone locally, and the more we talked and played games together and talked for hours on end, it gave me this constant missing feeling, and that feeling sucks. I really tried to see her in a friendship way, but I couldn't and I am blaming myself right now I couldn't.

So I told her, unless she decides she wants to be my girlfriend and wants to give us a shot I see no point in continuing to talk because it's what I need to do to move on. She still follows me on IG and sees my stories, I've unfollowed.

I don't know what feeling hurts more, the feeling when you're still talking but you know feelings aren't mutual or knowing you ended things.


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  • Nah. Just do what you gatta do.


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  • I've been there but the feeling subsides


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