How can I start my life with a boyfriend?

I am 21 and desire my 1st boyfriend. I want my own life and don’t know how it’s like to have a boyfriend date u weekly and be inside your life. I’m tired of being third wheel to brother and wife. I only know one guy for 2 years and text almost daily and r seeing each other this week but we aren’t couple


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  • Start by making sure you know that the first person may not always be the right one and you might get heartbroken. you should get to know someone really well and if you feel that person matches everything that you're looking for in a guy then take the risk. sometimes it's a person you've know for a long time or maybe even a stranger that you might meet around campus or town or even online. you'll never know if someone is going to be right for you but find someone that's going to treat you like the beautiful Queen that you are and is ready to give you the world.

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      Also there are going to be a few bumps here and there but their is a such thing as too much.

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      And if you need another guy friend you can talk to me.

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