Why is he inviting me for a date?

I’m a guy for 2 years. Til this year we still talk. We used to work in same job, give rides home, once we saw movie at my house & madeout after & got caught. We have only went out 3x, fought before & madeup. We have been to a museum, eat, & he invited me to park July , went to cafe, madeout, drove around city / sightsee & get desert. After some days we fought & he said we aren’t boyfriend girlfriend, we wants to get his life together first. I said I think he doesn’t care of me & he got mad & said he does care of me. Since then he texted me always, & told me November he finally got job on day shift instead of graveyard & now I’m college almost done. we were supposed to go on date Christmas but he works all night & holidays was more hours. He asked to meet me 2 weeks ago before we start college and will meet this week finally to bar @night then make out in the car. he tells me December he’s free finally & starts university 2019. I never let him have sex & even told him 3 weeks ago I want to do it all & make love only with a boyfriend @ night & enjoy but need my partner in crime. He was silent & didn’t reply then after a week that was when he texts me & invited me to meet but in the night @bar. I have a gift for him & will give it to him cuz I love him.
With him I feel peace & like my best friend and I can be myself only with him. Other guys I meet don’t take time to talk to me or just want sex & gone since I don’t want that. Or jerks that are mean to me.


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  • Hello. This text is somewhat hard to read and understand. Take your first sentence: it sounds like you're saying you're a transgender. You definitely didn't proofread this so why should we give you the courtesy to work through this? Please be more precise and considerate next time you're asking a question.


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