What happened with us?

This dude I would mess around with deleted me on Snapchat and either deleted his Instagram (to make a new one) or blocked me this is kinda weird to me because we just spoke on Friday and then this happened what could be the possible reason? We didn’t have any issues just hang out and mess around always cool with each other. This is so sudden to me.


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  • Joys of online communication... I guess you will never know. Maybe his girlfriend found out, maybe he got scared, maybe he found some one, maybe he just didn't want to do that any more, maybe he just stopped using social media.

    Ask him face to face

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      He didn’t have a girl friend and it’s not a big deal to ask him I was just wondering what people would think the reason is and he didn’t even let me know after thinking we were good. Maybe he did get a girl friend who knows

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      Sorry it didn't work out. The world is a strange place

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