Can you have an online relationship? Can you fall in love online?


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  • It has happened... and there are countless examples of people who have married having met online aren't there? So the short answer to your question is a resounding 'Yes' !

    • 4d

      Someone told me that people can fall in love with personality instead of looks.

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    • 3d

      OK but you have now... don't rush it though... let it take its time and whatever you do, keep the pressure off and don't let him pressure you. Be cool. It's exciting... Wow!

    • 9h

      I told him that I love him. We are not rushing into meeting in person, we can do dirty things online. He been very patience with me & he is understanding. I live in California & he lives in UK, he is waiting to meet me, now is not a good time. I have a broken ankle.

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  • Yeah, lol lots of people fall in love online just look at the TV show catfish they find someone every week, and I think they have over 100 episodes

  • Yes and yes

    • 4d

      When people fall in love, do they fall in love with their personalities? I’m met a man on a dating app, we been texting almost all day, we met 6 days ago. He told me he loves me. Is that too fast?

    • 4d

      Again yes and yes

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