My girlfriend cheated in a past relationship. Should this scare me?

My girlfriend has recently told me that in her previous relationship she cheated on her partner. She said her reason was that she wanted to feel what it was like to be loved by one person and be the only person they loved. Granted she also said she didn’t feel that with the guys she cheated with though.

I guess the important detail here is that her ex was a serial cheater, even making her and a side chick hangout with him at one point. However I don’t know if that necessarily justifies her actions since she kind of roped to other guys into it.

She developed some feelings for the other two guys but seemed to like pitting them all against each other, even describing multiple altercations as funny.

She’s a really sweet girl and we both say we love each other a lot but I think I’m pretty justified in worrying a little. After mentioning this she frantically started promising that she’d never cheat on me cause I give her that thing she sought when cheating.

I can tell she’s changed a lot from her past self being less sexually driven and has even said that I changed the definition of what she saw love as. I guess I just have such a negative disposition to cheaters and the old saying that “once a cheater, always a cheater.” Stuck in my head.

I really love her and really want to believe she loves me fully and faithfully but after some of the things she’s told me I find it a little hard to place full faith in her, especially with my natural anxious tendencies.

I’m just at a loss as to what I should really do and am just looking for some average people like me to give me their thoughts on the matter. So what do you guys think of this situation?
My girlfriend cheated in a past relationship. Should this scare me?
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