I'm dating someone but I don't notice that I flirt with other guys?

I know ur gonna judge me but pls hear me out first.

In French class, there's this boy who sits at the same table as me. He always annoys me and doesn't stop even if I ignore him. We'd just argue but we'd also laugh together when we share a joke. According to my friend, both of us were loud that my boyfriend and most people in our class were looking at us. She also said that my boyfriend looked sad, and that he's the type of guy who wouldn't care if a girl cheats on him as long as he loves her. On the other hand, my best friend said that it'd also be my bf's fault since he doesn't make any effort to approach me and that the annoying boy is the one who tries to get my attention instead. Both of them thought that me and him would look cute together but I said no. They also said that he probably likes me. I felt bad and embarrassed. I don't know if I was flirting with him but I still made my boyfriend jealous. He's nice, cute and weird (in a good way), and I'm good with it. But I'm also annoyed that both of my friends said that he's easy to talk to cuz he's not to me. My best friend said that flirty is just my personality but it's not an excuse to flirt with other people while dating someone.

I had a boy best friend who sadly left my school. There was a rumour I was dating him. I always hugged him and talked to him but he was like a brother to me. He even said my boyfriend was looking at us when we were hugging each other as he was happy that I gave him a goodbye present. It was as if my boyfriend wanted to kill him. But I didn't (and still not) like my best friend in that way. I tried to hug my boyfriend but he'd back off.

I hope u won't think I'm a player or worse but I treat boys just how I treat girls. Some people in my skl might think I'm a player but igaf. I admit, my boyfriend and I rushed into dating. We've only known each other for less than 2 months when we started dating. We only talked in whatsapp but everytime I tried to approach him, he'd walk away.
I'm dating someone but I don't notice that I flirt with other guys?
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