Guys, (For teen boys) what would you find most attractive in a girl, physically and by her personality? Which traits are most important?

Sorry, I'm just curious about a few things..

If you want, here are just some other questions (sorry I'm just curious) ...
- Would you mind if she did the same sport as you?
- Does her social status matter?
- Do you mind if girls are younger or older? Or do they have to be the same age? (I'm talking about if you're still in school)


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  • Every man is seduced by the body and the face (aesthetics)
    We look for beauty (indication of good genes), age (younger girls are more reproductive) and health.
    Everything else is secundary, of course we like playful and intelligent girls, and all that, but after the looks.
    2nd question: no i don't mind
    3rd question: yes if she is a slut

  • Well i like nerdy sweet girls physical wise im attracted to more petite girls im taller then most 6'1 but i actually like shorter girls to answer your questions i think it would be a plus if a girls played the same sport and social status means absolutely nothing unless she is a rich spoiled brat and id like a girl my age or maybe a year or two younger

  • Don't mind
    Not at all
    Prefer younger


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