Do you think trans men are good at trying to womansplain masculinity?

Explain why.

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  • Not at all, I have seen "trans men" basically asking how to be men on this very site, something that comes naturally to real men.

    It only shows that despite whatever delusions they may have, and no matter how much surgery and other procedures they go through, they are still what they were born as, and they cannot change that.


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  • They're women, they have no clue as to what it is to be a man. All of the "trans-men" I've seen still act like women. They might dress like men, try their best (and fail) to look like men, they might take synthetic testosterone... But it's easy to tell that they're women.

    The same goes for "trans-women". No "cis-woman" would accept a trans-woman, who acts most like a man despite dressing and acting (or trying to act) like a woman, telling women that they're the privileged ones. They'd immediately make the same argument we're making here, and any who say that they wouldn't are lying. They'd be right to make the argument that a "trans-woman" doesn't know what it's like to live as a real woman also.

    These people live as transgender people. People can usually tell that they're trans, and they act in a different way towards them than a "cis-woman/man". They don't know. The only reason these "trans-men" say these things also is because they've been influenced to think this way. SJW males tend to be very effeminate and weak, SJW women tend to be less desirable and a little weird. These people are mentally ill. Apart from very few rare exceptions e. g. Blaire White, almost all of these types gravitate towards the far-left. Their thoughts aren't original.

  • I have not come across this, gay dudes probably do more.

  • So these people are really women?


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