How do you deal with your partner's flaws?

You can't change them, only you can change yourself. How do you deal with their flaws?

For example:
1. They are controlling , only will be happy if you do what they want and will get upset if you don't want to and accuse you of being controlling
2. They gas light you, and demean you.
3. They accuse you of things you never done.
4. They judge you, if you aren't like them. They want you to be lazy, and pretend there's no problems. If you want to clean, or fix the problem , they will get upset.
5. Quick to anger. Anger issue in General.
6. Break and throw your stuff with no apology.
7. Selfish , only cares about themselves and their happiness.
8. Complains and is very negative about everything you do.
9. Discourages you to have feelings, wants or needs.
10. Makes false promises a lot, and very manipulative.


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  • If that’s the list, then I’d leave.
    That’s ridiculous what kind of doormat would stay around for that?

    I don’t agree with going into a relationship wanting to change someone but I disagree you can’t change someone... if they acknowledge there are issues and WANT to change then a couple can definitely progress together


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