How do I reconnect with someone when i'm socially awkward?

It's been 3 years since i ended the friendship for a stupid reason. We really had a close good friendship by the last months we were friends. I never told them why i broke it off but we never unfollowed each other on social media. They actually still watch my stories on snapchat. Sometimes we make eye contact in class too. From what i heard of them is when i broke it off i made them upset to the point where they cried about it but i also heard that they haven't held any grudges. It's been so long so i'm sure they've moved on. Over time i've become more socially awkward, i feel that when i talk to new people what makes me awkward is eye contact. i think they think i'm weird or don't like me, how long they pause and then reply back. Their tone or enthusiasm. I usually tend to look away fast and down when someone tries talking to me. I answer and look down because i don't know what to say! i hate it! Sometimes i try smiling and my face just slips, my smile just falls apart. Sometimes my teacher puts us into random groups to do projects and i'm sure there's at least 3 more projects before school's over. So if we get put into groups what do i say to her? How do i start talking to her? What things can i talk to her about once it's lifted off? When do i mention the "why we broke up" subject? how can i get over being a socially awkward person?


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