Have you ever stayed with someone because of your children?

So I’ve been with my boyfriend a few and we have a 4 year old daughter. We had split up after a year then had a one night stand and I ended up pregnant. So we got back together and have been together ever since.

However I recently found out that when I was about one he was texting a girl he had know since they where teenagers. Saying that he had feelings for her and that he was so confused cause he can’t break up his family that he had baby mama drama. He never slept with this girl as she told him she couldnt get involved, however you could tell by the texts they both had feelings for each other.

The girl is actually the sister in law of his cousin so this woman is always going to be in our lives. And I can see everytime he sees her it’s like he feels he is missing something. They had known each other since they where 16 but never got together, a girl that knew both of them had slipped out that their was definitely unfinished feelings between them. He keeps connected by having her on all social media and tbh I’m a bit jealous as she is very pretty and travels a lot. Our life is more serious as we have a child.

We have had our rough patches and he is a amazing father. But has he only stayed because of our child and is there people on here that have done the same? Or is it simpley you’ll always have that one person in life that was a first love?
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  • I wouldn’t stay knowing he is in love with someone else
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*our child was one he was texting this girl


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  • Having a happy split household is better for the child than a whole angry household.

    He likely only loves you as the mother of his daughter, and there's nothing wrong with that. If you are both open to co-parenting, I would recommend that over staying together.

  • I feel for you this is a very hard question as there is a child involved. But you have to put your happiness first as this can only benefit your child.

  • No I wouldn't but I know many men that would and have sacrificed there happiness for there child


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