My girlfriend's family make me feel very uncomfortable about my race what should I do?

I don't know if they talk this way all the time, but they certainly do it around me an awful lot, it makes me feel super uncomfortable, I've talked to my girlfriend and she said it's just their way, but I kind of get the feeling they are disappointed that their daughter is dating a white guy


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  • what you should do is just to not be around them too much... I've experienced this. His parents were european old school white and they keep saying they wish they had an Italian for their son...

    • That sucks, kind of hard not being around them too much as she still lives with them, she's also a family person which I respect in a girl, I just don't know if I can keep seeing this girl

    • How serious are you guys? You guys seem young still. But do you see her in your future? Family is a big deal...

    • Well whenever I want to be with a girl it's serious because I don't usually meet people I want to be with

  • What race are you dating?


    • Does it matter?

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    • Searching = finding articles that align with your own personal views, what we are taught about genetics in school , the dominant and recessive gene, the role they have in determining the possibilities of genetic disorders, is not an opinion it's fact, I want to stop replying, but you are making it so easy for me lol next you will tell me the earth is flat

    • Yeah... Obviously...

      I was a socialist before, and I changed my entire worldview...

      You'll be locked in the mindset that has been programmed into your head...

      I love this! You're so blind, just like my younger self...

      As I've said... Good luck with your interracial disaster... lol

  • That sucks, I feel for you.
    I had the opposite experience.
    I dated a native girl in Canada and her family treated me really good.
    I was lucky.

    • That's great to hear 👍

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