Told my friends with benefits I care about him, is he sharing the same feelings?

Hello everyone,
One night I told my friends with benefits "I think I care about you". He smiled, took my hand, kissed my forehead, stroked my hair and hugged me all night, but he said NOTHING. Usually I'm very cold with him (he's cold too), especially after sex. Since then he is more affectionate and open with me when we sleep with each other (pretty rare, like once at two or three months, maybe even more). We began this "relationship" three years ago.
What do you think? Is he falling for me or he's just playing?


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  • He is either just playing because he doesn't want to lose access to easy sex or misinterpreted what you said (he didn't think you meant you wanted a real relationship)."I think" is a weak statement, it means you aren't sure and "care" is also a weak statement it's not love or wanting a relationship.

    But if he knew what you meant despite the soft wording he does not feel the same back. Even a shy guy would be able to communicate back his feelings in that scenario if he had them.


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