I'm an inexperienced 18 year old who just got into a relationship with a girl... any tips I should know?

So more recently, I decided to practice getting out of my comfort zone, talking to people, making more friends, etc. And while I was nervous about it at first, and it did feel awkward at first, I began to feel way better.

People would talk to me, ask me questions, I would ask them questions, we would overall connect, etc.

One beautiful female acquaintance of mine began to act particularly flirty towards me.

For example, I'd hold the door for her, she'd say, "Thank you (my name)", and give a little wave to me and giggle as she walked to her seat.

She then begun to deliberately pick me in her groups or as a partner on assignments sometimes. She even began asking me to sit with her at lunch sometimes.

She'd ask me my interests-I'd tell her, I love writing, drawing, reading, video games, and singing. She seemed amazed and wanted to know more.

I admitted to her I don't exercise much, and she said she does track and swimming, so we'll balance each other out perfectly, as she nudged me with her elbow, and made me blush.

One day, in the courtyard, she literally came up to me and said, "You're just so cute, you're so nice, and I'm crazy about you and would like to start dating you." And I said yes.

She wanted to go on a date immediately after school, just a casual date where we'd walk around together all over the place and talk to spend more time with each other. We ended up buying sundaes at Burger King, we both payed an equal amount of money. Afterwards we walked to her home, only her little sister was there and she introduced me to her, and we went to her room to watch a movie together. She leaned on me and wrapped her arms around me, and I was surprised and blushed a lot, but did the same to her and kissed her on the forehead, and she gave the cutest smile ever.

The thing is, though, things have been going great so far, and she's a really great girl, and I don't want to do anything stupid to screw things up.
I'm an inexperienced 18 year old who just got into a relationship with a girl... any tips I should know?
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