Would a guy mind me keeping my bra on during sex (problematic breasts)?

Hello! For the longest time, I’ve been very unhappy with my breasts. It’s really messed up my self esteem and self worth. I’ve considered surgery, but due to the issue, along with certain health concerns, I can’t have it done. My problem is that one breast has Hypoplasia (smaller, underdeveloped, “pointy”) while the other is just fine. I wear a 34D bra, but I would say that „Lefty“ is at least a cup size or two smaller. When I’m wearing a bra, you can’t really tell that anything suspicious is going on under there, but without a bra, it’s pretty obvious. I don’t wear a special padded bra or anything (I worry that that would make the “Great Reveal” even more shocking. I would feel bad about the false advertisement.)

On to my question. Would a guy be ok with me not taking off my bra during sex? I’m thinking along the lines of a bralette, the lacy, more comfortable cousin of the regular bra. In complete darkness, I have little problem with being naked in all of my glory, but such a situation would probably be a rarity, and I certainly don’t want to limit a guy to only having sex in the dark of night (or a solar eclipse). I’m 17, and I’ve never been in a relationship before*, so I have no idea what to expect. I know that “the right guy would love me for me”, but I also would want him to be happy. I stay active, and am very health conscious (but not in a Crazy Salad Lady kind of way), so am not ashamed of the rest of my body, but the boob thing can’t be changed.

*Backstory that explains my lack of experience:
I live with my parents on a cattle ranch in The Middle of Absolute Nowhere, so I have been homeschooled online since 2nd grade. I’ve tried homeschool groups, but have always ended up with the same conclusion: lots of homeschoolers here meet the “kinda creepy but alright” stereotype, so I’ve been holding off meeting people until college, which I’m beginning (several courses) this fall , hence the new concern.
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I would like to thank all of you for your comments!!
It is so great to hear real opinions; you’ve helped me a lot :)
Would a guy mind me keeping my bra on during sex (problematic breasts)?
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