Is having a difference since of humor a dealbreaker for you?

Sometimes I feel like my boyfriend just doesn't get me, and honestly, it makes me feel really insecure and doubtful about us sometimes. We've only been together a couple months so I thought it'd be different once he got to know me, but nothing's really changed.

Today on the phone he said sometimes my puns are "a little too much." When I told him almost all my close friends and I laugh over my puns and I laugh over theirs, he responded with "are you sure they're not one sided?" And even though we were kinda joking around, it hurt my feelings. I literally had to ask my friends weather or not they thought my humor was dry and annoying (like my boyfriend seems to think) and they all replied no! I even went back to texts with my guy friends, one of them frequently complimented me on my analogies and humor.

Maybe I'm too sensitive but it seems like my boyfriend and I just aren't compatible sometimes. And tbh I'm kind of scared he'll cheat on/leave me, especially with a certain girl, because I foind out he used to like her, he hangs out with her all the time, and I see that their connection is better than ours. He laughs at her jokes like he never laughs at mine and I don't know what to do besides get over it. Is it wrong for me to consider this a dealbreaker?
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  • It can be a deal breaker if you guys don't click because of that sure. Really if you feel like it is then it is, you are 1/2 of the people that get to decide that lol.

  • Those damn Ashley’s


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