What should I do?

I've been in a relationship with a man for 2.5 years. I recently became aware this man has lied to me, cheated on me different women behind my back, throught the entire relationship, one after another, even with his son's mother, even though she's in relationship with another man herself. I became aware of all of this after I lost my job 2 months ago. And he even gives his son's mother extra money beyond $250.00 weekly child support, for personal expenses, so she won't threaten to take him to court, for child support, for the full amount that she can get, based on his income.

Although I enjoy his company and and us traveling and spending time together, I dont see the relationship going anywhere. The only reason why Im still with him, is because he financially supports me, while Im in between jobs. Once my finances improve to a point that I dont need anything from him anymore, Im leaving him.

Am I wrong for feeling a certain way about my boyfriend giving his son's mother money for personal stuff, while he's in a relationship with me and she's in a relationship as well? And would I be wrong to wait until my finances improve and stable, to break up with him?
Stay with him until my finances are stable, then break up with him?
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What should I do?
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