Should I tell one of my best friends I like her?

I met a girl this year at a University club while she was still dating her ex. They broke up a month later (4 months ago now). I tried to be friends with him but he never put any effort into the friendship (same problem as their relationship) so we're not that close. When her and I started getting to know eachother more (after around 3 months after their breakup) I told her I just wanted to be friends because I didn't want to hurt him (this is when I was still getting to know him). Now though, I can't make that excuse for myself anymore and i'm really falling for her. We spend a lot of time together everyday as a friend group and just the two of us. She's the first girl i've ever really been this close to as a friend and I don't want to lose that. But my feelings are growing stronger and it's getting harder to just push aside.

With regards to her ex, if I was going to start dating her I would tell him in person and explain how I feel about her. I just don't know how to tell her
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Thanks for all the responses! One thing I probably should've added is that her best best friend is my flatmate and while they're extremely close their friendship is completely platonic. This has been making me doubt myself because if she has guy friends who are that close then I can't see why she would want to see me anymore than just a friend and it's discouraging.
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Asked her out on a date and got rejected haha. She was pretty chill about it and understood but it's still rough and kind of awkward. Really feel relieved though because now I don't have to think about it. Thanks for all the support!
Should I tell one of my best friends I like her?
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