Shy Girls/Shy Guys Comment Please?

So Im going to outline a scenario. As a shy guy/girl, what would your thoughts/feelings be in this scenario?

You meet a co-worker, begin spending hours at work just talking about life, opening up and sharing deep secrets or life events. You (the guy in this case) develops feelings, doesn't ask her out obviously, but makes her aware of those feelings. She "rejects you softly" (meaning, not now, maybe later) because of stress, medical (mental and physical) issues, and not having the time or emotional strength to pursue anything romantic. You stay friends for over a year, have not had the "conversation" since then, but you still feel (at least when in person) that connection, the spark. Would you reinitiate the conversation when the timing is better? Would you be blunt about it? You (the shy girl) dont like being put on the spot, but when posed with difficult or overly personal questions, you tend to shut down and not know how to respond. You (the shy guy) can only be blunt, because you're too socially awkward around the people you like.

(If that is too confusing, i can explain more... I hope it makes sense ×~×)
Shy Girls/Shy Guys Comment Please?
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