Boyfriend cuddled another girl?

So I’m not sure why I feel about this.

my boyfriend and I work at the same place, but there was a huge after party I couldn’t attend because I was at another party.

my boyfriend texts me and says he’s going but sleeping there, his good guy friend was also sleeping there.

it was hosted by a girl, she’s very nice and I don’t dislike her, but something happened.

he apparently cuddled her because she was cold and they fell asleep together, not sure if cuddling.

he texted me telling me the whole story, he said he didn’t want anyone else to say anything to me he wanted to tell me himself, he was super worried to tell me. I told him it was okay, but I felt weird about it.

then later on he texts me and says he feels awkward about it, but he’s sorry that he made me uncomfortable but he had to watch over her and “make sure she doesn’t die” and I don’t think you need to cuddle to watch over.

we just talked about it, he seemed really upset and his last text to me was “babe I love you ok? Just know that I really don’t want a damper on between us but if you feel anything is wrong tell me ASAP so I can fix it cuz I love you and really don’t want to loose you again” (I broke up with him once for unrelated reasons)

He made sure to tell me nothing happened between them, she was touchy but not in a sexual way as she was very drunk, like majority of people at the party. He told me he feels like he disrespected me and our relationship but didn’t want to let his friend get hurt (what?)

Not sure what to think, my friends think he’s hiding something while my friend who was at the party says it was strictly platonic And I shouldn’t worry. Is this cheating?
Boyfriend cuddled another girl?
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