Should I let this girl go or am I just affraid of commitment?

Hi everyone,

So I just got a job at an IT company and currently, as the team that is working on a project, we're working at an external location. My bosses daughter is here too, and in the almost 2 months that I've been here, I've gotten to know her pretty well. She's like a copy of me but female, meaning:
- We're both extremely perfectionistic and we can spend an entire day improving something that others would describe as: "oh, it's no big deal"
- We share the same taste in music
- We both highly value living freely

In other words, I've truly never before met anyone I can relate to on this level.

Over time it went from hanging out talking at night to sitting under the same blanket at the campfire to most recently her putting her head on my shoulder and holding hands. Now I have pretty big mood shifts just overnight or sometimes even during the day and I've been thinking about it all and now all of a sudden it seems like a very bad idea to commit to something with her. The thought of it makes me feel almost imprisoned really. Today I've kind of avoided her, which was pretty awful. I'm not sure what to do. I'm 18 and I've never been in any sort of relationship before. Am I just scared to commit to this or is it that I just don't like her enough or something? Also, I feel like I could lose an amazing opportunity if I don't take this chance.

Any advice is appreciated
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I'm seeing a lot of replies about the fact that she's my bosses daughter and I feel like I should mention that I'm not really concerned about this, even if I should. I'm 100% sure that she likes me, she explicitly told me. I told her that I'm not sure and that right now I'm not in for it, but that it might change overtime, which she understood and now we're just friends
Should I let this girl go or am I just affraid of commitment?
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