When should I ask this girl out?

For context:

I've liked this girl for about 2 years now and I've known and been friends with this girl for the same time. I've had times of "I really think she likes me" and more times of doubt. Just yesterday I hungout with her for about 4 and a half hours just talking mostly. I thought it went supremely well, I can't say that she's definitely not interested, but I also can't say that she'd 100% say yes to a date. Two things that have been holding me back from asking her out are: 1. I'm a bit overweight and I think she's quite a bit more attractive than me comparatively (I always think that I need to lose weight before asking her out). 2. That I might ruin the friendship if she says no.

I'm a bit worried of when I should ask her out, but I think it should come soon (maybe).


When should I ask her out?
Did you have any clues or wisdom about the timing of this whole deal?

Thanks for your comments! You're helping me tremendously!
When should I ask this girl out?
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