This is really urgent, so somebody please respond ASAP!!! I started 10th grade a week ago, and right off the bat I started forming a crush on this guy in BIO i haven't even talked to before. It doesn't seem serious for the short amount of time I've had this crush, but ever since I realized I liked him I can't get him off of my mind.

There's intense butterflies in my stomach, and I get extremely nervous, awkward, and fidgety, because the thing is, he sits right next to me. There's just something magnetic about him he's so smart, a science whiz, and he seems like a good boyfriend to pursue, so I had my friend tell him anonymously somebody likes him while at his lunch table surrounded by his friends. I wasn't there. but she told me he was smiling really hard, and his friends were teasing him and pushing him. She never told him my name, but ever since that day he's been catching glances of me when he thinks i'm not looking, and I look at him when I think he isn't looking.

But i think the both of us know whats going on. He mirrors my body movements, and just yesterday he slowly stretched his leg out so it was pointing directly at me, and then when I moved the direction of my feet he did too. he's shy and so am I. At the end of that class I watched as he grouped with his friends, as i'm a very observant person. They all glanced at me and whispered things to each other, then my crush turned and looked directly into my eyes for the first time ever. I was too shy to ever look directly at him, it was always just side glances. He didn't smile but he didn't look away until I did, and now today as i write this message he didn't copy me today, but anytime I looked in his vicinity, or walked past him, he was either nonchalantly looking at me, or scratching his neck as he looked away. I want to make conversation with him, but all of his friends are "popular" and one of his close friends I use to like as well. I don't know what to do, and i don't know if he hates me or likes me. HELP
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