Would this help our relationship?

Ok so.. my boyfriend and I been together since August 2017.
We met on here on gag.

I moved in with him in oct 2017

In may 2018 I went down to Ms for 2 wks

In July 2018 I went down to Ms for 2 days

Well.. now I been in Ms since Nov 2018. And I really don't want to tell why either.

My boyfriend and I been having arguments a lot. And both of us don't like it at all. He feels lonely and single and all of it is my fault. And I feel like me being down in Ms is making shit worse... He and I want our relationship to work.. I mean hell he wants to get married to me one day and have babies with me ( he told me so )

So. . my question is :
If I go home early will it help our relationship?

I mean.. we can talk face to face.. besides phone and webcam not to mention... I done this quite a bit and it hard for me to recognize it until it happens.

So will this help if I go home early? And yes I want to go home..

I'm looking for positivity and not negativity
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Would this help our relationship?
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