Does He Like Me More Than a Friend or Not?

At this point I have zero idea of what's going on. My friends, family, coworkers etc say "he's giving all the glaring signs that he does" but we've been friends so long I just don't see it (or I'm in denial). I don't care if he does or doesn't because we have been friends before all this stuff came up, but I've decided to come on here to see what strangers think.

Here's all the things he does/did in no particular order:
We talk all day, even though he hates texting. After my classes we text until I fall asleep. He even texts me when he's with friends and stops what he's doing. I found out they know about me and what we talk about (that was shocking).

He compliments my intelligence and personality way more than I realized.

I wanted to slow up texting him because I thought I was bothering him- he in turn told me to text as much as I want and to please not to.

He wouldn't tell me his type (even though he tells me everything else), but asked for mine.

We went out together alone and stayed out all day and he paid for everything and he has made plans for us to go to out again soon and will go almost anywhere I ask him to. He also rather make plans with just me and me alone even though we have had the same mutual friends for years.

He remembers everything about me, even small details. If he forgets and I remind him he suddenly will bring it up when I'm not expecting it weeks later.

When we're together he admitted he was nervous but he was also excited and that everytime he's with me I bring out a different side of him. He also says we have really good chemistry and a good connection. I'm never worried he's not interested in what I'm saying.

But while he's doing this he always says I'm his "Oldest Friend" which I am. He also calls me Princess but usually as a teasing joke or insult so I don't think much of it. We talked about exs and relationships- both of us aren't looking and we let stuff happen naturally. I don't know y'all. What do you guys think?
Does He Like Me More Than a Friend or Not?
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Does He Like Me More Than a Friend or Not?
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