Girls, Single ladies: why are you not in a relationship?

What do women want?
What do women want?
I'm posing this question because of the many comments made by men who say that they want to be in a relationship but it is mainly the girls who are not interested and/or are saying no when being asked out. There are many men who would like to know what you are thinking.

I know there's a lot of multiple choice options (I'm sorry), but I think it is neccesary, and will be helpful for men to understand - there is, of course, no one single reason.

I am including an anonymous answer option. And limiting it to only female responses, so men will not be able to comment (or harrass, or publicly judge, only read). Post comments anonymously if you feel you have to, to speak freely. Did I not cover a reason? Feel free to post your reason in comments.

And if you see any comments here that you know for a fact are made by a man with a fake women's account, call them out, let everyone know.
I want to be in one but haven't found anyone I want to be with, or that wants to be with me. But I think that I could be close to finding someone.
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I want to be in one but haven't found anyone I want to be with. I don't like the way men are treating me and/or women in general.
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I am interested in someone but I am worried about not being ready or being enough for him, so I am reluctant to start something.
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I am interested in casual hookups, but if I found the right guy, I would be monogamous with him.
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I am interested in casual hookups because I want to have a variety of experiences, and am not ready to settle down yet.
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I am not interested and want to be on my own right now. I prefer my independence and alone time.
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I don't have time for a relationship. I have other more pressing priorities right now.
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5 mo
Thank you for all your comments and honesty, Ladies. I'm really impressed with how articulate and open you are. It's been a good reminder that relationships (and people) are complicated, no two are exactly alike, and there are many reasons why relationships begin and end.
Hopefully some men will read this and see that the majority of women are not looking for one night stands and casual hookups, like they imagine. The anonymous poll results and detailed comments are very informative.
Girls, Single ladies: why are you not in a relationship?
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