Waiting Until Marriage or Celibacy?

I am not religious perse, but I am into spirituality. I was an atheist in my younger days but even then, I could see the benefits in waiting until marriage. It was not because I saw premaritial sex as evil, so much as asking to put myself in a lot of pain and misery.
Unfortunately, most guys just choose someone based on sexual desire which is a weak foundation for a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

I care very little for sex, and more about whether a man can listen to me geek out about a new movie, boom I read. Will he make time to go out with me, encourage me in my life goals and respect my individuality? Can we talk about serious matters like money, education. spirituality? Can we disagree with one another without fearing the anger/withdrawal of another person? Are we there for each other in both pleasant and bad times? In other words, is he a good companion and partner in crime? So for this reason waiting until marriage is not a hinderance for me, as I believe it would be a greater likelihood a man will give me the companionship and loyalty I want, instead of only being in it for sex, money or what have you.
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Waiting Until Marriage or Celibacy?
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