Regular love life vs sugaring?

I've been with my partner for 5 years. Weve continued our romantic and sexual relationship.
He finds me attractive and I feel immense lust for his body and I like his face and hair. He works hard everyday to pay for everything. He just can't afford high end designer items and vacations. Which makes me wish.
I've noticed if we have sex once that day, its mind blowing amazing. If I force myself a second round because I still want it, I discover that my body does not cooperate and it feels like absolute shit so we end it pretty quick. Which makes me imagine when the sex is so bad (because of me) if that is sorta what it would be like with someone I didn't like.

Some of my close friends participate in Sugaring. Where they give a relationship (which may or may not include sex) for money and gifts (even investments towards their business). The rewards are amazing, but the main complaint I hear about is how the men are annoying, not their type, older, etc. The women then start to view relationships and sex as just a means of fine material things in life but no real connections and moments. a lot of forced acting.

Sugaring sounds so ideal to me but I couldnt imagine hanging out with someone who doesn't look like a God (my partner that I dream about and still I can say yes and no to sex no consequences)
I love the lifestyle the women live but what is that beautiful scenery when you're with someone that irritates you.
***NO SW HATE. This world isn't equally built for men and women. We have different qualities and methods of living our best lives.
I believe women were meant to be beautiful and enjoy life and men were meant to provide and enjoy their women.

So you see. I'm deeply conflicted with the decision to continue my relationship or end it to find men to finesse.
Regular love life vs sugaring?
Regular love life vs sugaring?
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