How bad is it to tell people your goals in life?

Mine seem to come across as a dealbreaker for most but idrgaf. I rather tell you whatsup and what im about then to dare risk wastinng time again. Yet sometimes the guys will lie and say they have the same thing in mind... then later on tell me they just said what they had to say in hopes they didn't lose me sooner. Its like a lose-lose situation in my case. Tell the truth and they leave or tell the truth and they pretend then backout last minute. I’ve been building to possibly be independent because clearly im more for me than anyone else ig 🤷‍♀️ Looks like love will take a seat on the backburner while i focus on career and apartment hunting and moneymaking to afford a donor. I’ve passed up some great guys. Hotties at that because we were not on the same page. I’ve been set in my ways since age 3 and after being forced to change by 1 guy and then trying to change for 2 more, i basically told anyone after them to go fck themselves. Im only good at being me, and if we dont click, they can get 👉 I prob sound like an ass but maybe im just fed up #FeelFreeToList #TruthBeTold
How bad is it to tell people your goals in life?
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2019 was the first year i actually met a few guys who actually shared the majority of same goals as me. However 99% of them turned out to be workaholics or talking to another girl at the same time or wanting sex way to early on. So yea. Still a lose-lose
How bad is it to tell people your goals in life?
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