How do I deal with an immature 19 year old “friend”? (Or am I the selfish immature needy one)?

My boyfriend (31) & I (28) have been dating for 4 years. He’s a huge hunter & does everything from trapping to birds to gators! He’s been lucky enough to get tags 2 years in a row. (I am not a hunter, so I didn’t go)

So this yr, after he debated on signing up again, I pressed the button to send the application for him. I was hoping he wouldn’t get drawn, but he did. I was upset bc I was hoping to spend this year alone... just us. Hoping to reconnect. After awhile, I offered to come with him bc I was generally curious what made it so intense & I wanted to see him happy. “Oh babe you won’t like it. You’ll be scarred for life.” I insisted once more, but he was adamant that I don’t come. So I let it go. Few weeks later he tells me he’s bringing a 19 yr old friend gator hunting. This “friend” is the daughter of a professional dog trainer that my boyfriend has known for 15+ yrs! So he’s basically been growing up with this girl & her brother bc of staying with the family & learning how to train from their dad.

This chick... she’s bossy, loud, wants to be the center of attention in all aspects of our trip. He let her drive his truck, which I haven't done bc 1 time I said I was too nervous bc its BRAND NEW. She teases him & wants him by her constantly when we’re all out fishing. At Universal last nite, she kept hitting him in the face with a water bottle (lightly), “play fighting” if you wanna call it that. Then I intervened bc I was sick of it & she bitched me out & he gave me the glare.

What “friend” picks “play fights,” brags about gator hunting, yells/whines? for a guy to bring her food or to go fishing & then when she drops a shoe or catches a fish, he’s right there to pick it up. They also talk a lot about things from when they were together in the summers (bf training, her just being there bc she lived there) He’s adamant that there is no sexual desire. But I just feel awkward/upset.

Am I being too critical? How do I explain how I feel to him? Do I just deal w it & ignore it all?
How do I deal with an immature 19 year old “friend”? (Or am I the selfish immature needy one)?
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