Do you beleive in meant to be's?

So long sorry kinda short.

I had a daughter at 15 then that church boy straight A student got arrested and served time (lots) in prison.
(Throw the whole boy away).

His childhood friend (daughters god father) and I ended up dating a couple years later.
(There had always been emotions and he even asked him if he was cool with it.)

Well by that time I had moved to another state to better myself. I visited from time to time but eventually broke up with him
(I can't do long distance).

Mind you I was in HighSchool. So years down the road we have talked on and off as close friends and a few times leaning away from the friend zone. We can't seem to stay apart.

I haven't been back to that town in many years and he hasn't been down my way either.

Then I got invited to my soul sister wedding. (Duhh I went)

Well I ended up there with him. 😳 Talking about old times cuddled up in a feild and shit.😩❤

Litteraly, my cold hearted ass somehow forgot all it's training. Now, we both confused we have been the What Choulda Been for so long.

Do you beleive in meant to be's?
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How did we end up in the feild? Well I brought my homeboy. So the man wanted to talk away from my hoemboy. So we hit the trail. This is in a flat af state. So trail means feild with a few trees. My fat ass didn't want to get too far away. So my fat ass wouldn't have to rush a long way back when the reception started. So we sat down by a tree.
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I didn't think I'd have to clarify this but there was no sex. We have never slept together.
Do you beleive in meant to be's?
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