So emotionally confused?

I have been with someone for a number of years, I honestly thought she was going to be the woman I married. Recently something happened though that was a complete misunderstanding, and in her reaction to it, she physically hit me, verbally abused me, and even spit on me multiple times, all over the span of a few months - and the physical and verbal abuse was daily over the few months as I tried to explain and fix the situation, that was a misunderstanding to begin with. Now that I have had enough of being treated like this and decided we should spend a little bit of time apart, she says she loves me more than anything and wants to still be with me, and fix things. She went from being so perfect in my eyes, and now I know what she's capable of, although she says it wouldn't happen again.

Am I wrong to not be able to look at her the same? and really feel that if she was like this now, there's a good chance it will happen again? Or feel that if she really did love me, she could never treat me like this?
So emotionally confused?
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