Do you fall in love easily? or infatuated?

If yes is it a problem for you?
I fall in love with the personality so fast if a guy is nice and threats me right I start feeling things for him and personally is everything to me it can make them look instantly attractive.

My Story:
This is a problem because I'm in a relationship for a year and I love my boyfriend he is so amazing, incredibly funny , super outgoing and energetic and romantic and loves me so so much and I love him too but I recently hot closer to a friend and found out there struggles and how bad his life is and I really care about this person and he says no one ever cared about him the way I do and he makes me smile even if he's not the happiest and I just been getting closer to this person and I now have feelings and I feel bad because I love my boyfriend and he doesn't deserve to get his heart broken but I like my friend and I can't distance my self from him because he goes through so much and he only trust me he fakes a smile with everyone else. I really wish I could be with both and not have to lie about it but I don't think my boyfriend will ever agree to a polyamorous relationship and he will get jealous and probably want to break up. He also the only guy who's meet my parents so it would be awkward if we break up. I don't want to break up cause my boyfriend is a great person to be around and if he not dating we probably won't be friends either.
Do you fall in love easily? or infatuated?
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