My Boyfriend Has Been Ignoring me for a Few Days?

My boyfriend and I live a bit away from each other which makes it hard to see each other more than once every other week, sometimes more. We used to see each other a lot more, but now that we're working more, it's harder. We hardly argue, and when we do, it never lasts more than a few minutes because we talk it out. . . in person. Over texts or calls, he'll usually completely go missing if we start an argument.

This time, we got into a petty argument because he thinks I'm cheating. No proof, just an inkling he got from me being friends with his guy friends (apparently he's been cheated on in the past). I'm definitely not, but it wasn't like he'd listen. He went missing again. He was posting on social media, though, about how he couldn't trust anyone. I asked him about it, he gave short, blunt replies, and that was it. So, I blocked him on social media to get a break. I couldn't stand seeing all of his rude posts anymore as they were hurtful. I understand that it wasn't the best choice and that I was acting like a child. However, I never got to explain that to him because now he's really not talking to me.

It's been about four days since we've communicated. I've tried calling and texting a few times just to get no answer, so I've stopped to give him space. I can tell his feelings are hurt, mine are hurt, and I don't know what to do about it. I was planning on waiting until we saw each other again in two weeks to talk it out in person like we usually do, but that's quite a long time to go without communication. Should I do that, wait until he responds first, or try to reach out to him again? Do you think he's planning on calling it quits?
My Boyfriend Has Been Ignoring me for a Few Days?
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