Did you ever go in depression and why?

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I keep going into depression because my mother emotionally abuses me.
This really affects my routine.

For example: on Tuesday, I had a mental breakdown during a train journey. I began crying in the train and tried to hide my tears from other passengers. Then, I ran home and went to sleep. I was asleep all evening and because I was asleep all evening, I was then awake all night. That really messed up my routine, my sleeping pattern. I couldn't even eat my dinner that night.

I was awake all night and didn't feel sleepy until 1 am then I had to wake up at 6 am just after 5 hours of sleep to get to uni.

My train journey takes 2 hours. Usually, I use to wake up at 6 am and leave the house at 7 am the latest but now I have leaving the house at like 7:30 and I have been getting late to my 9 am lectures twice in a row.

My sleeping pattern has been ruined. I go to sleep when I get home and then I don't feel sleepy at night, which makes it really difficult to wake up at 6 am.

Today, it's Friday. I have the weekend ahead to sort myself out and my sleeping pattern.

I really hope things will get better from Monday and on Monday I will get to my 9 am lecture on time.

Thanks to mom, I got depression that ruined my sleeping pattern and eventually my punctuality. She is a curse and a bad omen in my life, who always ruins everything when life is going well.
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Did you ever go in depression and why?
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