Should I continue talking and see him even if he ghosted me but came back?

So i met this guy on tinder and we saw each other every weekend for like 4 months and every date we had was a sleepover. We had fun but didn’t define anything but he knew what I wanted which was something more as we saw each other more. I really enjoyed it but near the end, in May, he became more and more distant and then when he was supposed to come see me, his car “broke down” again. So he ghosted me from the end of May until just this September and he texted me out of the blue apologizing. Saying how I probably hate him right now and that he didn’t know what he wanted out of what was going on and he was scared to commit. I asked him why cause he prompted questions and he said it wasn’t because he didn’t enjoy spending time with me it was because he got real busy finals, moving out, study abroad, vacations, just stuff. I told him it would’ve been fine if had just said hey I’m to busy for anything right now but he went ahead and ghosted me and he said he was an ass for that and admitted it was wrong. So after he sent that text, we began texting again like normal for maybe a day or two. And then, he didn’t text me again until two days ago and we’ve been talking ever since then, staying up till 3 texting. He keeps making moves about coming to me or like excuses to come to me without directly saying it out loud in exact words. So I’m wondering if this something I should continue talking or end it, and I’ve tried ending it but it’s really hard to stop talking to him because I really liked him and it’s becoming like that again.
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you were right guys I didn’t give him the time of day cause honestly I don’t need him and he doesn’t deserve me and last night I saw him back on tinder when he couldn’t even be bothered to text me back again.
Should I continue talking and see him even if he ghosted me but came back?
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